2022 Campaign Summary

Professional Engagement Network

If you are a professional with skills to share in God’s Kingdom, consider joining PEN—our Professional Engagement Network. Heritage Christian College has announced its new network as a way for Christian professionals to mentor HCC students and to directly engage with HCC faculty and students via video conferencing or—even better—direct in-person connection in Ghana. PEN offers real, ongoing engagement—something more than the opportunities afforded by a typical mission trip. Put your professional skills to work as an advisor to a group of students. Or maybe you could mentor a small business startup. We need people to be co-investors in startups as well. And to participate in the HCC Venture Capital Fund. And to serve on advisory boards for our college’s various departments. Let PEN help you put your talents to work for God’s Kingdom!

Venture Capital Program

We are excited to announce opportunities in HCC’s Venture Capital Program! Our aim is to create and manage a fund that supplies seed capital to startup businesses founded by HCC students and by qualified community participants. Help fund “elevator competitions” that stimulate entrepreneurship. Join a team of mentors that helps guide students’ startup efforts. We’re looking for not just investors but banking professionals and others. We need experienced businesspeople who can read and assess a prospectus. People who can review business plans, give feedback, and supply funds as they are able. It’s all for a Christian cause—our graduates take their Christian influence into the world around them. You’ll participate in the business incubator at the Center for Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, and Ethics.

Degree Expansion Program

Be a difference-maker for HCC! We are adding 11 new degrees in our Degree Program Expansion. This elevates our potential to equip young Christians for service and leadership in God’s Kingdom. We need your help to fund the startup costs of new programs. Further, we need funding help to propel HCC to sustainable operations. In 2020, HCC will have a startup shortfall of $580,000. In 2021 that number reduces to $200,000 and in 2022 it is $120,000. By 2023, HCC should be on target financially and should attain breakeven in terms of operational costs. Meanwhile, one pressing need is assistance for scholarships. Families in Ghana, on average, do not make large incomes. Many students are orphans. Won’t you help us lift these young Christians from their poverty and put them into the world as Christian businessmen and businesswomen? Ghana needs that. And the Lord needs workers in His fields.

Capital Asset Initiative

Let’s get down to brass tacks. Our goal for sustainable operations comes down to a head count. We need 1,000 students to be able to operate optimally. We have about 440. The Ghanaian National Accreditation Board and the Minister of Education have mandated that a multi-purpose building must be constructed in 2021-2022 if we are to increase enrollment. This new building will cost a total of $2.6 million. Yes, it can be built in phases. Still, the first floor will cost $1 million. Even if all courses were delivered online, we’d still need offices and video conference lecture rooms. Make an investment that will facilitate the teaching and preparation of future church leaders. In fact, Ghana and Africa need us to make progress now or they will never attain an infrastructure in their economies that provides opportunities.

Students on the HCC campus in Accra, Ghana