Onsite or Remote Volunteering

Your professional skills can be highly utilized. Services such as contractor and architectural work, design, financial planning, vocational/technical skills and engineering are just a few professional services that can help HCC continue to expand.

  • Update AutoCAD documents for the classroom building
  • Create an updated 3D model of the master plan for the campus and adjacent building owned by HCC
  • Provide engineering and/or architectural advice for technical/vocational school building, determine and design remedial work if needed, create 3D model of facility for PR/marketing and fundraising presentations
  • Engineering advice and assistance as we evaluate Lipscomb University’s design and testing of an alternative waste treatment facility
  • Advice and assistance in locating a viable biodegradable plastic bottle to be used by our future water bottling company
  • Help with specifications and selection of water bottling equipment for the factory
  • MAKER Lab: Help suggest and provide useful tools and learning experiences for our students
  • Conduct a seminar on investment management

This is not an exhaustive list. If you have a talent, skill, profession or trade that you would like to share with us, please contact us to see if any current projects might fit.

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More Ways to Get Involved

Share Your Skills with Us

  • Sponsor a Student
  • Naming Rights for Facilities
  • Church Advocacy
  • Host Events
  • Percentage Donation Nights
  • Initiatives on College Campuses
  • Entrepreneurism/Business Startup
  • Social Media Advocacy

Contact Us to Learn More

Doug Fair, Director of Development

    Sponsor a Student

    Sponsor a student in the following ways: tuition scholarships, funding for laptops, and covering the cost of meals.

    Naming Rights for Facilities

    HCC is in the beginning stages of constructing new buildings and naming rights are available.

    Church Advocacy

    Promote HCC at your church through: church bulletins, missions committees and presentations, special offerings, and/or invite us to come and speak; simply setting up the opportunity is a tremendous help.

    Host Events

    Help host an event for HCCF at your church to help raise awareness for HCC’s mission and raise funds to benefit HCC.

    Percentage Donation Nights

    Holding percentage nights at restaurants or businesses is an effective way to help raise money for HCC. Churches, teams, schools or businesses can organize a percentage donation night in their community to raise funds.

    Initiatives on College Campuses

    Build relationships with Church of Christ university students and faculty to spread awareness of HCC’s current work. Your campus can partner with HCC to help them continue their mission through opportunities such as student mission trips, student organization partnerships, and much more.

    Entrepreneurism/Business Startup

    Coach/mentor a student or students in the development of business plans and proposals and as they progress into launching their businesses.

    Social Media Advocacy

    Following us on social media and sharing our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn posts with your friends and family can help grow our network to include those who are unaware of the college and the foundation.


    The power of prayer is undeniable. Devoting your time and thoughts to the students and staff is an impactful way to contribute


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