by Dennis Abbey

Dennis Abbey, a current HCC student, took some time to share his background and educational experiences at HCC, including the impact of HCC’s emphasis on technology. This is a condensed version of a video he recorded for HCCF in April.


I have not had the smoothest of life, even though I am still young I have not had the smoothest of life growing up. I come from a family of three children, I am the second born and the only guy. My parents broke up when I was stage 5 at the age of 11 and that alone tells the story. Today, I only live with my mom and my dad is elsewhere in the central region of Ghana while my mom, whom I stay with, is in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Telling a bit about my family, it’s a family that I loved growing up and ’till today I still love my parents because they are those who have brought me this far and where I am now. 


I started school at Awutu Bawjiase D/A JHS and completed my Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). I did well and continued to Ideal college, a private institution here in Ghana where I completed my secondary education then I was able to advance to come here to HCC.

My experiences growing up

I think as I have already said, [about] not having the smoothest of life, I have had quite a number of experiences, both good and bad and I think they’re all for my own betterment. For instance—one of my experiences that might have been the worst possible thing for some people, that I, instead, take it to be something that will strengthen me—at times I have to go to school without pocket money when I was in primary and part of junior high school level, all I have to do is to eat in the morning and am good to go.

Field of study at HCC

I am studying marketing, which is one of the branches under Bachelors in Business Administration. I chose marketing because… my intention has always been to study Journalism and media studies, and Marketing was the most closely related program offered by HCC. With marketing having a relation with journalism, I decided to enter into that field.

Why I chose HCC

There are quite a few good schools in Ghana in terms of the university level, one of which is the university of Ghana at Legon, one of the best in Ghana and the best in Africa. There are others like the University of Education Winneba, and University of Cape Coast, but I chose HCC over such schools because HCC is doing something that I think the others are not doing which is the introduction of computers and technology. The current age has always been about information and everything today is about computers and HCC is providing that unique brand of training and one thing they are doing good at is that they are really helping students to realize their potential in terms of creating their own businesses, because in our part of the world, Africa and Ghana to be precise, a lot of people complete university and they have to go and join queues to search for jobs. But here at HCC you are trained to become your own boss after school and I think this is one of the reasons why I came to HCC. I heard of HCC from a friend whom I completed high school with, so I followed up for inquiries and I was satisfied and that is how I found myself at HCC.

The importance of using computers at HCC

I think the use of computers here at HCC is a really good thing because the world is moving at a faster rate in terms of technology and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and we have to catch up with the technological world, and with the introduction of laptops, it’s really helping students to actually know what ICT is all about and also to know how to use some of the applications in the Microsoft Office Suite, which in today’s world is used most times in the business world and almost every aspect of life these days and I think an introduction to laptops is really helping. For instance, before I came to HCC, I knew a bit about computers, but HCC is also helping me to get to the next level with the introduction of laptops in its activities. I didn’t know how to use Access, but today, I can use Access which is one of the applications in Microsoft Office Suite.

The importance of learning new applications in my field

  • Access (Database)
  • Excel
  • Microsoft Word

All these applications are going to help me in the future especially as a marketing student who will be going out for surveys, questionnaires, etc. and proper use of such applications will help me to keep my information well organized. With my aim of establishing a marketing consultancy, these applications are going to help me.

Nonetheless, the good and bad aspect of the use of computers depends on the user(student). But I will urge all students at HCC and across the globe to take full advantage of these technological items that we have to improve our education and our entire lives as well.

Overall, I think HCC is doing a great job with the introduction of computers in its activities on campus.

Key words:

Awutu Bawjiase – a community in the Central Region of Ghana

BECE –a final examination for students across West Africa in their final year

Legon – suburb of Accra

Winneba – a community in the Central Region of Ghana

Cape Coast – the capital city of the Central Region