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Ezekiel Amevor


I am Ezekiel Amevor and I come from Ningo in the Greater Accra Region. As a young child, I was staying with my mum in Accra before my dad came and took me to the Volta region of Ghana. My dad told me I was going to be working with him on the Volta Lake. I would be fishing with my dad and at the same time I would be trying to go to school. I was very passionate about getting an education at that time and I wanted so much to be in school.

So, I was very glad when my dad told me that I am going to go to school when I go back with him to the Volta Region. Unfortunately for me, that work was a difficult work—fishing and at the same time going to school, combining the two was very difficult for me to do. Back then children were being trafficked on Lake Volta. There was this Amer i can woman who came with a Ghanaian man who was a local teacher, and they purchased the freedom of seven children, and I was one of the seven. So they came rescuing children who were on Lake Volta instead of being in school. They were going to send the children back to their families , or to look for a place for them to go to school.

At that time my dad was not around and I took advantage of that because also at that time, my dad was somewhat busy, and I was so passionate about getting my education, it made my life very rough. So I was sent to the Village of Hope in Gomoa Fetteh, it is an
orphanage and children’s home in the Central Region of Ghana and that is where I grew up from the age of 12 years up to now.


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