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30 Days of Hope

Women today are bombarded with messages that tell them to take selfies of their perfect lives.  Their lives are expected to be one grand adventure after another. This misplaced calling beckons us all to lose focus on life’s greatest adventure – life in Christ. The fact is that most things in life are not picture perfect. Spend some time in God’s word, and put your hope where there is real perfection, in the goodness of God.

“I downloaded my copy of 30 Days of Hope and it has been a blessing to me. I must admit I read it straight through and didn’t take the entries one at a time. But now that I have it, I’ve made it my practice to start each day with just one of the meditations, and make it my thought of the day.” ~ Frankie M.

One-Minute Meditations for Men

Equipping the Man of God- Being equipped as a man of God depends on continually seeking God. God wants our thoughts to be His thoughts so that our actions will be in line with His actions. I have found no better way to seek Him than to meditate on His Word. When we meditate on Scripture we begin to transform our mindset. We exchange our faulty beliefs for the truths of God. In this way, we become “equipped,” and not only do we serve God better, we become what God has always wished for us to be.

“I appreciate the fact that this eBook was thought-provoking, even though it is a pretty quick read. I wrote some of the quotes in my day-timer so I can keep being reminded. Thanks.” ~ Dave H.

30 Days with CS Lewis

“Cruciformity” means conformity to the cross. It  is a play on words, in that the word “cruciform” means “cross-shaped,” and that the cross forms us. It is the ministry of the living Christ, who reshapes all relationships and responsibilities to express the life-giving love of God that was displayed on the cross. It is this idea that postulates that we have a cross-shaped God, a God who dies and then initiates a program of self-death in us. It is our hope and prayer that as you enjoy these quotations taken from Lewis’ writings, you, too, will be transformed by the cross of Christ.

“C.S. Lewis’s reputation just keeps growing with every passing decade. I’ve read most of his books, and while this little offering includes only 30 Lewis nuggets, this brings to life the best of the best. Be inspired. Be humbled and uplifted. I definitely recommend it!”   –  Jesse Mullins

“This e-book has helped reignite a spark in me that I hadn’t realized had begun to dwindle. Thank you so much for the gift!” – Ashley