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This year, Heritage Christian College will officially release its first graduating class since its inception. To honor the students and faculty who have worked tirelessly to achieve this momentous milestone, we are introducing the
GENESIS COMMUNITY, a dedicated community of monthly donors who are committed to a new way of education in Africa, ‘sowing seeds of eternity in the lives of many children we may not know’.

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Exclusive monthly updates from Dr. Samuel Twumasi-Ankrah

Exclusive monthly updates from Dr. Samuel Twumasi-Ankrah

Limited Edition Gifts from our team in Accra, Ghana

Limited Edition Gifts from our team in Accra, Ghana

Anniversary thank you gift to celebrate your M.A.D. (Making A Difference)

Anniversary thank you gift to celebrate your M.A.D. (Making A Difference)


Our ‘limited edition 3 book gift set’ to you (this month ONLY) for joining our GENESIS COMMUNITY of monthly donors features the latest book by Dr. Ian Fair called ‘Paul’s Epistle to the Philippians, A Remedy for the Spiritual Blahs’.

Dr. Fair writes: ‘Paul was well aware of the difficulties Christians face, having encountered many of these in his daily experiences as a Christian missionary in a hostile world. Paul reflects on each of these challenges in his letter to the church in Philippi, using these experiences as a foundation to his encouraging letter to the saints to build their faith on a trusty foundation to peace of mind and fulfillment in Christ. I like to refer to those downsides of our Christian life as spiritual blahs’.

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Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians: Commentary on Paul’s Epistle

Galatians conveys the key point that Jews and Gentiles are saved, reconciled, justified with God by grace through faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and by being united with Christ in baptism.

Paul’s Epistle to the Philippians: A Remedy for the Spiritual “Blahs”!

The church in Philippi was in many ways like many churches today. We have those moments in our church life when we are doing well and the church is active, growing, and enjoying a measure of peace. Then for some reason a slump occurs, and we plateau, struggling to stay ahead of the challenges of living in a busy, challenging, and sometimes hostile world. We find this to be not only a church experience but also a personal challenge to our own life as a Christian.


It is important to know the primary theological emphases of Ephesians since all the major points in the epistle develop these themes or are related to them in some form. In this study Dr. Fair will address and explain the theology of Ephesians and the major themes therein. In progressing through this study the read / student will be prompted via discussion questions to think through the relevance to them and their church community.

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