HCC is proud to offer students a degree program in Business I.T. Management. This program is specially designed to give HCC students a technological leg up in our increasingly digital world.

Heritage Christian College has always made it a stated goal to groom their graduates to be able to transition directly from an educational setting into making an impact in their communities. This is a commitment the school and its faculty make through their selected degree program offerings, and through the efforts they put in to help the students reach their goals. Not only is Business I.T. Management a desirable degree program, but it meshes with HCC’s impetus to prepare its students for the increasingly digital and tech-driven global marketplace. HCC students who study Business I.T. Management will be prepared for the unique challenges that they will face in a dynamic work environment upon completion.

The courses of this program enlighten students to work with or for Business I.T. departments and work in various roles, providing a dynamic compliment to their fellow employees’ skill sets. This curriculum will ensure that the students are able to effectively enter their field, or start a company of their own, prepared to assist and handle complex “business requirements, process issues, and change issue management”.

Additionally, students’ in this department will be well-versed in the crucial nuances and techniques of:

  • Management
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Security
  • Project management
  • Decision support
  • Enterprise architecture
  • E-commerce
  • Business Process Specification

In preparing students for their professional lives, HCC aims to enable each student in these and other relevant skill areas. These skills are critical to evolving businesses today, so preparation for each is essential. The ability to adapt and understand language analysis, design and implementation will only further strengthen graduates and transform them into more attractive employee candidates, or more capable and well-rounded entrepreneurs. To view class options for students of this department, click here.

To further prepare them, HCC undergrads of the Business IT department are required to participate in an internship which “may be conducted as an entrepreneurial activity with department head approval… when a student, or group of students, has developed a robust start-up opportunity which can be explored in the HCC Incubator”. This experience, along with the required course materials will create a multifaceted and hands-on learning environment for students in this program.

Students and graduates of HCC will have the chance to enrich their communities by creating and nurturing enterprising businesses. Effective business technology solutions combined with knowledgeable employees are keys to building a better and more promising tomorrow.