The second edition of the Heritage Senior High School Graduates Mentorship Program took place in July.

Fifty-eight graduates took part in the seminar to kick-start the mentorship program. The CEO of Focus Life Group and former General Counsel of Ecobank Transnational Inc., Mr. Samuel Kumi Ayim, spoke on the theme, “Seeing Your Future Today.” He exposed the graduates to principles of transformational thinking, intentional living, and vision casting. Mr. Ayim inspired those in attendance with stories of illustrious achievers who rose from obscurity to popularity.

The second part of the mentorship program was a 2-week short course featuring courses covering several topics that included Bible and Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Microsoft Office Suite, Web Design, Graphic Design, Business Administration, Media, and Public Speaking.

The students were excited to be introduced to the Bible, Entrepreneurship and Technology in addition to the other topics addressed in the 2-week course.

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