Leaders from across Ghana hold HCC in high esteem. From department heads, to headmasters, to presidents, here are a few highlights of their messages to students and faculty.

Mr. John Essel

Heritage Christian College has been blessed to see enrollment numbers rise, despite the steady fall in qualifying students. In part, we believe this is due to the truly unique programs HCC offers. The Technical Training Center, Bible Institute, and The CEPE (Center for Entrepreneurism, Philanthropy and Ethics) are just a few of the unique programs that will serve students far beyond graduation.

Mr. Fred Asare


The philosophy at HCC begins with the end in mind. Focused on results and not just talk, we do more than teach our students how to be prepared when they leave college—we demonstrate it. At HCC, we believe that “learning and doing,” and “knowing and being” are lifelong pursuits.

Mr. James Asare Adjei

Students who graduate from HCC are trained to participate in creating opportunities for economic growth that will strengthen families and communities. With a foundation built on Christian values, HCC students will transform lives through ethical and professional leadership.

Ms. Lucy Diawuo

HCC prepares students to integrate 3 core values into all they do. Those values are entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and ethics. They understand that all we do, in business, in their personal lives and for the kingdom, have a clear purpose and far-reaching impact.

Dr. Fred Katsriku

HCC has intentionally built a technology-centered environment in which students and faculty determine how to function electronically. This enables students to be thoroughly equipped to compete in the 21st century while being good stewards of the environment.

Dr. Samuel Twumasi Ankrah

In summary, HCC’s mission and purpose is to transform lives by providing education, developing skills, and instilling values that will develop productive citizen contributors who are dedicated to the advancement of kingdom and community.