Sharing Our Students’ Stories

Meet some of the faces of HCC! These students all share the common goal of starting their own unique business while creating jobs for those in their communities. For this video campaign, the students bring awareness to the growing need of their beloved college. Due to HCC’s rapid growth, the school is required to build additional facilities in order to host more students. Watch as these students share their hopes for the future and bring awareness to HCC’s growing need.


Theresa is an Accounting major at HCC. Her dream is to start a Pre-School business and impact the children of Ghana in a powerful way through owning a business that is based on Christian values and principals. HCC has provided her not only the opportunity to go after her dreams and goals, but also the education and training she needs to be successful.


This is the story of HCC student and future entrepreneur, Zion. Zion is a Business Information Technology Management major. He has big dreams of starting his own business built on Christian values and ethics when he graduates. His goal is to create around 20 jobs for those in his community in Ghana.


Bernice is an Accounting major at HCC. Her dream to create jobs and opportunities that will reach beyond her community inspires us, and we hope it inspires you as well.


Dina is bold and full of spirit! She refuses to allow her physical challenges to be a roadblock for her dreams and stamina—quite the contrary, actually. She wants to impact and empower those with the same needs and give them opportunities to be free to pursue their dreams and passions as well. Dina is a beautiful example of the mission and vision at Heritage Christian College. She is not only overcoming barriers and reaching her goals, she wants to train and equip others with the same values, and share with them her confidence and work ethic, after she graduates.


Yaw is an accounting major at HCC. His dream to start his own business when he graduates is inspiring because he will not only have a job after graduation, but he will create around 17 additional jobs for people in Ghana!