The leadership of Heritage Christian College has set forth a bold vision from its inception that envisions graduates as job-creators.

With an eye toward transforming the community, the region, the nation and beyond, HCC has dreamed of the end goal—propelling the Kingdom of Christ and developing the economy of Ghana.

Their vision is one that will empower individuals to add to the stability, security, and prosperity of their families, neighbors, countrymen, and encompassing nearby nations in a way that shows Christian ethics, values, and morals.

In their grand vision, HCC has laid the groundwork for several programs that offer training, experience, and hands-on learning opportunities for students. These programs will equip participants to fulfill their dreams and bring to life their ideas in ways that will create jobs for themselves and others. The following list of programs highlights just a few of the educational opportunities envisioned for students at HCC.


The Center for Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy and Ethics (CEPE) is an association at Heritage Christian College (HCC) that is intended to help understudies, staff, and associates of HCC gain the entrepreneurial abilities and monetary foundation to embrace productive entrepreneurial endeavors. CEPE is a free Center inside HCC with the target of creating and sustaining businesspeople with generous and moral souls. One hundred percent of the students at HCC have chosen to participate in the CEPE.

The objectives of CEPE are anchored in the Core Values of HCC which include Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy and Ethics.


The vision of a health clinic and pharmacy on the HCC campus will serve the student body first. On the occasion a student is in need of healthcare service, the HCC clinic will perform triage. Students who are faced with an illness requiring additional care will be sent to the proper healthcare facilities. Once the HCC clinic for students is established, the clinic will offer its services to the community and perhaps lending additional learning opportunities to the students.


HCC has a high degree of enthusiasm for agricultural strategies that can be used throughout Ghana. One particular area of interest is the creation of vertical business opportunities (i.e. organizations that take produce from the farm to the customer, and perhaps even farm-to-table). Another area of interest in the farming market is the implementation of a Farmbot Genesis program at HCC. HCC students will have the opportunity to participate in the development of container farming using state-of-the-art agricultural robotics.


The Business Incubator, an institution associated with the HCC Business Department, will provide shared business equipment, business mentoring and consulting, as well as startup loans for HCC’s entrepreneurial-minded graduates. The incubator will draw on personnel, HCC alumni, the HCC Board and senior business pioneers in Ghana for guidance. The incubator will work to provide startup businesses with a greater chance for success.


75% of the students who graduate secondary school cannot pass the college entrance exam in Ghana. HCC would like to fill the gap by offering vocational training to equip those students with skills in a trade that will push back against poverty in the nation of Ghana.


At Heritage Christian college, we have a high expectation that every one of our graduates will continue to learn and grow long after he or she has received his or her diploma. HCC endeavors to instill a passion for lifelong learning into each person that progresses through our programs. We look forward to serving graduates throughout their professional lives with future training in their communities.


HCC Students Given Opportunities to start Businesses.