Being a non-profit organization, we spent some time conducting our own research to illuminate people’s general giving habits. We found the results very interesting and wanted to share some of our findings with you. Whether you are also raising funds for a specific cause or you are just an individual who donates every now and then, these findings could be useful to you!

The method we used to conduct our research was through an anonymous survey. The survey, designed to gather opinions and practices from potential donors, was created and processed through Google Forms. Our target audience for this survey was men and women age 21+ who could be potential donors or have an interest in charitable giving. However, our team sent this survey out to a very broad audience because we did not want to limit our findings to a particular segment of people, as we felt this would not give us the most accurate insights. We ended up with a total of 120 survey participants.

When creating the survey, we had 3 objectives:

  1. Identify what motivates people to give
  2. Identify how people give
  3. Identify the causes that people give to

Summary of the most important findings for our organization:

  • Overall, charitable giving is very important value to people.
  • The majority of people believe that donating both time and money are equally important, however slightly more people would rather donate money than time.
  • Most respondents answered that giving to causes in developing nations is just as important as giving to causes in their own country/area.
  • When it comes to types of giving that people have been involved in, “regular giving through church” was the most popular, with “mission efforts” as the next-most popular. (Note: Since our organization supports a Ghanaian college, we found it notable that, “donating to education” was fairly low on the list, with only 37% of people saying they have donated to education.)
  • “Compassion and empathy” ranked as the highest motivating factor when it comes to giving, with “religious beliefs” following as the second-greatest motivating factor.
  • The vast majority of respondents are recurring donors for one or more cause.

Here are the survey questions and results: