At Heritage Christian College, our vision, mission, and core values set us apart from other colleges and universities. We believe that our approach makes for a distinct education and will soon make HCC the flagship Christian university in all of Africa. This is how we are working toward this goal:

Technologically Minded

HCC has put an unprecedented emphasis on technology that not only allows the college to be promote environmental stewardship, but makes it a model higher education institution for the 21st century. HCC is committed to achieving a technological baseline that far exceeds the standards of modern college and university campuses. This elevated baseline will acclimate students to operating in a world of constant technological advancement.

  • HCC employs an almost entirely digital library, allowing for greater ease of access to students, while conserving work-space efficiency.
  • HCC offers hands-on tech access to students that many of their peers will not have. In this way, HCC graduates will be as-well-or-better prepared than those from practically any other institution.
  • HCC has a great interest in enhancing farming techniques in Ghana, and has invested in state-of-the-art equipment for its Farming Institute to allow students to be on the cutting edge of that field.
  • Graduates will have strong skills in the use of: laptops, tablets, networking tools, servers, storage devices, and digital communication and distribution channels.
  • Students who do not have laptops that meet minimum requirements will receive assistance in acquiring and paying for one.

Learning And Doing

Heritage Christian College believes that beginning with the end in mind is the only way to approach education. HCC prepares students for a lifetime of learning and doing. This involves hands-on learning experiences and learning directly from entrepreneurs in the HCC community. The goal is to prepare graduates to become the change they wish to see in their community. Unfettered by the local job market, and with HCC’s support, our graduates are encouraged to give back by bringing stability and growth to Ghana in any way they can including:

  • Creating new businesses
  • Employing as many people as possible
  • Philanthropy in their communities and churches
  • Driving community development programs
  • Caring for their families

The means employed by HCC for achieving these lofty but vital goals include:

The HCC Dream Competition, a competition for new business ideas evaluated by a panel with the winners receiving the opportunity to develop their idea for potential inclusion in the HCC Incubator.

The HCC Incubator is an institute within HCC’s Department of Business in which startup businesses can draw from resources within the HCC community and gain access to research and consulting that are not often available to startups.

HCC has many other programs and insitutes within its purview that will provide further guidance.

Catalyzing Change And Growth

HCC is looking to create positive and lasting change for Ghana and West Africa. As Christians, we are compelled to a life of service. In business, in school, in church, and in our communities, our goal is to provide graduates with the tools necessary to go forth and drive these changes. Change is difficult. It requires leadership and integrity. Our vision is of a Ghana, and a world, in which poverty, hunger, and a lack of education are no longer the epidemics they are today. Our academic programs are built on the idea that it is better for graduates to create their own opportunities than it is for them to scramble for opportunities offered by others. This attitude, with the hands-on learning resources and educators who have walked that path themselves, will allow HCC graduates to go forth as ambassadors of their faith, of Ghana, and of the entrepreneurial spirit.

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