Ghana-based Heritage Christian College has announced its drive to raise $200,000 by year-end 2017 as the first phase of a longer-term program to fund much-needed classroom facilities and other improvements to its campus, which lies in the nation’s capital city of Accra.

The college, which defines itself as a “a Christ-centered environment to promote transformative education through active engagement in the teaching-learning interaction, creative pursuits, servant leadership, and global competence,” has grown rapidly in the three years of its existence. Its founders and leadership decided earlier this year to launch a five-year campaign to take the college to a higher level. Leaders of the institution have set a mark of $10 million to fund specific goals. Foremost among the goals is the task of getting full accreditation from Ghanaian governmental authorities, and a building project is part of the program that will achieve that end.

The college is aided in its pursuit of excellence by the efforts of a nonprofit fundraising organization, Heritage Christian College Foundation (HCCF), a U.S.-based entity formed by leaders of the college and by Christian supporters sympathetic to the cause.

Deon Fair, chairman of HCCF, said efforts are underway to raise awareness of the college’s needs; to mobilize a campaign that would include social media, digital resources, peer-to-peer fundraising, and donor events; and to reach out to grassroots supporters and major benefactors alike, around the world. “We have assembled and commissioned teams of professionals to get the message out,” Fair said. “We feel that this effort will be looked back upon as the turning point in the prospects of Heritage Christian College, and that its bright promise and its deserving students will inspire the participation of individuals who want to see Africa lifted up and, even more importantly, the cause of Christianity strengthened in a third world country that indeed wants to bring its people fully into the 21st Century.”

Fair is himself a native of South Africa. In 1974 the Fairs immigrated to Texas, and Deon’s father, Ian Fair, eventually became head of the Bible Department at Abilene Christian University (ACU) and he retired from that institution as professor emeritus. His son Deon, formerly a partner of Accenture but since retired, serves on the boards of ACU, Missions Resource Network, and Genesis Networks, as well as Heritage Christian College Foundation.

Fair said that the college is operated by Ghanaians for Ghanaians. Supporters of the school point to a sense of pride that permeates the institution. The Ghanaians do not want efforts simply to be done for them. They take the lead in decision-making, in initiatives, in the work of the college, supporters say.

Fair also said that, pursuant to HCC’s vision and the accomplishment of its mission, the College intends to provide highly qualified graduates who will be armed with the tools required to make a major difference for Ghana, West Africa, and surrounding nations.

Said Fair: “Our mission is to transform people’s lives by providing education, skills, and values to develop productive, contributing citizens dedicated to the advancement of Kingdom and community.”

The organization chose “Giving Tuesday” (Nov. 28, 2017) as the occasion for its kickoff event for the end-of-year fundraising season. For details on that occasion, see, or visit the nonprofit’s website at



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