Building Futures One Gift At A Time #GrowHCC #GrowGhana

The Heritage Christian College Foundation is gearing up for #GivingTuesday. A recent addition to the post-Thankgiving lineup, Giving Tuesday directly follows Cyber Monday, only, instead of yet another day of discount shopping, it is a day to single out meaningful causes and give them the gift of support.

Giving Tuesday is still a growing phenomenon, but this year, it is expected to bigger than ever. This year, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be matching up to $2 million in donations received through Facebook, and Facebook itself will be waiving donation-related fees. This means that the donations received by HCCF on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving of this year (November 28) will be more impactful than they would be on any other day.

For all a full accounting of our #GivingTuesday Facebook campaign, and all the ways you can help, click here.

In short, save your donations for Giving Tuesday, and stay tuned to our Facebook page, where we will have all the info you need to help HCCF build futures one gift at a time. In the meantime, feel free to help us spread the word by sharing our message on your own Facebook page.

#GrowHCC #GrowGhana


In addition to the matching, Facebook is offering yet another way for organizations to boost donations. Share your “giving story” by telling others about what Heritage Christian College and its mission means to you. Here are a few sample posts you could make on Facebook to help HCC gain donors and support. Feel free to copy the wording below and paste it into your posts.

Sample 1

Check out #GivingTuesday’s storytelling contest, #MyGivingStory! Share your story about what inspires you to give to Heritage Christian College. Winners’ chosen organizations will be awarded $2,500-10,000 in grantsĀ

Sample 2

Less than a week until #GivingTuesday! This November we’re encouraging everyone to reflect upon why they give. Submit your personal giving story on #MyGivingStory ( Share what inspires you to give to Heritage Christian college and we could both win this #GivingTuesday.


Thank you for your support of Heritage Christian College! Helping to build better futures for students in Ghana is a step toward a better world.