Diana Asare

I come from Agona Swedru in the central region of Ghana.

Growing up wasn’t all that pleasant and enjoyable for me.

My dad has a police case, so he had to run away to prevent him from going to prison.

When I completed my senior high school I wanted to continue my education to the tertiary level.

My preacher now, they came to evangelize, and by the grace of God, they came to my doorstep, I heard the word and the truth and I was baptized.

I saw the advertisement on my WhatsApp page. My preacher then, who is now my guardian, decided to sponsor me, so he brought me here.

I chose IT because I wanted to challenge myself very well. You won’t find a lot of women being in this field. I wanted to do what people think is very difficult, what they think I can’t do. So I wanted to challenge myself. It’s very difficult, though, but I know I can do it.

Growing up, I didn’t have even anyone to cry to, anyone who could advise me. I was all alone.

But since I came here, it’s like every lecturer is my mentor. They have given me their support, their love, their advice, and everything. I look up to everyone here.

God saw me through and He brought me here, so I give all the thanks to God. I’m so much blessed to receive such an opportunity, and God bless all those who supported me and who are still supporting me financially in my schooling. Thank you.