The Story of the HCC Difference

“Ghanaians really are hard-working. Ghanaians are committed. I can see Ghanaians travel outside and they excel. How or why can’t Ghana prosper? Ghana has everything.”

~ Douglas Boateng, Elder/HCC Supporter

48% of Ghanaians age 15-24 are unemployed.

Dr. Williams A. Atuilik, Provost & Director CEPE – HCC: A great chunk of Ghana, to be honest, lives in serious depravation.

Dr. Samuel Twumasi-Ankrah, President – HCC: The kind of education system we have, in my view, has contributed to where we are, the unemployment challenge we have.

Conrad Kakraba, Adjunct Lecturer: We need people who are able to start something on their own and are able to employ others.

Fred Asare – CEO Village of Hope: That is why it is necessary to have a new type of education: ethical education. Education that transforms the individual to become ethical, to become compassionate, tp become entrepreneurial, to have the leadership that would transform society.