HCC Student Sumaila Bombande shares his story

I come from the upper east region in Ghana and I grew in the Church of Christ, baptized in April 2004.

Life in the northern part of Ghana is quite a dicey one.

A poverty-dominated area and violence is something that is so common there.

Growing up in this kind of environment, there is always the tendency of becoming violently inclined.

You stand a lower chance of being transformed.

My dreams and my goals are to provide equal opportunities for people back in the north that will bring my people back in the north face-to-face with their own plight or predicament, and to see their need for Christ, and to make good use of the opportunities that are available to them.

And so looking at the distinct education I had in the seminary, I knew the University would give me a better one, and so I decided to enroll.

Two members of the faculty have become my mentors, of which the president, Dr. Samuel Twumasi-Ankrah is no exception.

First of all, I see the president as doing something that I would love to do a miniature of it in the north to transform my people.

The passion and the zeal for which he pursues what I would love to do is something that gladdens my heart.

I would love to find myself back in the north enforcing the Christian values and ethics through education.

My hope is that HCC will become a star in the eyes of Ghanaians and even Africa, that many will be drawn to HCC so they will become good citizens and good leaders for our country as far as transformation is concerned.