Heritage Christian College encourages their students to embrace philanthropist ideals and to give back to the kingdom of God. Educating students creating change is vital to HCC’s mission, and the staff works hard to instill this in the students and foundation members. Students and alumni are encouraged to take action which will ultimately produce life-changing benefits to their churches, Heritage Christian College, and their local community as a whole; HCC educates its students in entrepreneurship, and motivates them to seize the opportunity at hand, while also aligning with their Christian ethics in giving back to their community. Some of the ways these students take advantage of this opportunity include planting churches, implementing the SHS Career Mentorship program, and more.

HCC students are already using their education and talents to mentor youth as they seek to take the next step in escaping the hardships of a poverty-ravaged nation. These mentors promote the Lord’s message to senior high schools and the benefits of an education in the fields of bible and ethics, business, entrepreneurship, IT, and media. They also provide assistance and information which are vital to youths seeking higher education or substantial employment, effectively giving SHS students a ladder to success that they might not otherwise have.

A lack of education and skill-sets among the general population has plagued Ghana for generations. Those in the HCC community, founded in Christian values, seek to follow the footsteps set forth by Psalm 19:2, “Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge”. Not only does this provide a point of differentiation for the school, but it distinguishes and better supports the students for their life post-graduation.

Ghana as a nation has faced significant financial strife in the past, and HCC places a significant emphasis on entrepreneurial aptitude to prepare the nation’s future for an economic turnaround. In order to combat widespread poverty, HCC arms their students with creativity and faith. Entrepreneurship creates not only hope, but jobs. These jobs range in required education and skill. Creative and successful ventures create employment opportunity for the masses. These jobs help boost a struggling economy and help create a foundation of infrastructure that the nation has lacked. Many students even see themselves creating their own jobs instead of applying to established companies, and bringing new goods and services to a somewhat antiquated market. The young population of Ghana is dreaming of a better future that HCCF is striving to make a reality; it is the antidote to the cycle of poverty for this country.