Venture Capital Program

March 29, 2020 @ 12:00AM —
December 31, 2020 @ 12:00AM

Event Location: PO Box 2456, Frisco, TX 75034



To create a fund to help support the growth of HCC student and community start-ups; and to assemble a group of potential investors and banking professionals who can provide mentorship, review, feedback and potential seed funding for HCC student start-ups.


Heritage Christian College Foundation

HCC Venture Capital Fund

Consider join us in the exciting investment opportunities coming from the work at Heritage Christian College (HCC). Become a member of our investment interest group and an active investor in the business startups within the HCC Center for Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy & Ethics (CEPE) Incubator.


HCC Foundation (HCCF) is creating an investment fund to support the growth of HCC student and Community start-ups. Seed capital is needed to help stimulate and encourage these start-ups. For example, to fund “elevator competitions” from which business idea emerge and receive awards of capital to prove out their business ideas. Additionally, you will be invited to become investors in businesses that join the CEPE Incubator. You will have the opportunity to read funding prospectus’ and participate. As a participant you will join the team of mentors for that business.

Our goal is to fund this “engine” and be a part of the social-entrepreneurship opportunity to Redeem Commerce – how business can make a difference in Ghana and all Africa (please read our Vision statement on Redeeming Commerce which anchors this initiative).

How You Can Help

We need you to invest.

You may have many opportunities to invest but many do not offer this kind of participation and impact. We are changing lives, creating hope, teaching young people how to be great businesspeople but within God’s Kingdom principals: living their dreams within their chosen Christian values. They honor God by so doing.

Join us in making this happen!

What is the need today?

In 2020, we need $100,000 to keep pace with growth in demand for assistance from our CEPE by students, faculty and Community. The opportunities are numerous. We currently have 8 proven businesses which have made their way through the “elevator competitions”, been awarded startup funds and who now need to energize their businesses.

In the near future, many of these businesses will refine their business plans and financial forecasts and will present to us opportunities to invest. There is a group of VC investors already helping from within Ghana. All are seasoned Christian Business leaders and entrepreneurs, but they do not have the capacity to do it all.

We will help! HCCF has already facilitated a 2nd round offering for one business. That round is fully subscribed, and funds will be released shortly. The investors participating will join the business team as advisors – who have a defined interest in the success of the business!

We are ready to initiate further offering.


Entrepreneurship is central to the strategic impact that HCC has defined for its reason to exist. HCC is preparing young people to make a difference in God’s Kingdom and that includes commerce – how they take care of their families, employees, church and ultimately how they witness for God.

There is no substitute. If we want to truly help people, we need to help them help themselves. We need to open their mind with hope, give them tools and watch them flourish. Providing well-meaning aid or donations is not what they are asking for. They are asking us to join them in changing Ghana and changing it for God’s sake.

Please help make this vision a reality.

Deon Fair, HCCF Chairman and Doug Fair, HCCF Director of Development

March 29, 2020 @ 12:00AM —
December 31, 2020 @ 12:00AM

PO Box 2456, Frisco, Texas 75034