Heritage Christian College is so much more than a school. In order to fulfill its philanthropic ideals and mission to “promote transformative education through active engagement in scholarship, creative pursuits, servant-leadership, and global competence”, the school developed an independent component called the Center for Entrepreneurship Philanthropy and Ethics. The end goal of this center easily blends with that of the college and foundation; to improve the lives of students and faculty through ventures in ethical and viable opportunities.

The core values of Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy and Ethics, instated by the school, are instilled in the CEPE as well. Entrepreneurship, is needed to expand the Ghanaian economy, and the students of Ghana are in the best possible position to make this happen. Philanthropy because it has precedent in the Bible. Ethics because this is what the teachings of Christ call for. These values are a clear part of every piece of Ghanaian society that Heritage Christian College touches. To read more about how these three virtues play into the objectives of CEPE, click here.

The Center for Entrepreneurship Philanthropy and Ethics comprises a governing board and staff to run the events, products and services offered. CEPE is open to application for students “who aim to discover, develop and deploy their potentials to the fullest,” according to Dr. Samuel Twumasi-Ankrah, president of Heritage Christian College. This enriching environment is a place for students to achieve their biggest aspirations by proposing a business plan and receiving financial backing upon approval. It was Dr. Twumasi-Ankrah who first imagined CEPE, and saw it to be a distinctive solution to offer students with dreams and innovative ideas.

Perhaps one of the greatest distinguishing factors of HCC, and its counterparts, including the Center, is the immense emphasis on the students upholding HCC’s values and ethics – honesty, integrity, love, hard work, and professionalism. All this, on top of the variety of opportunities at HCC are what make it the shining star that it is.

The opportunity for learning and sustained growth has not always been readily available for past students in Ghana. This not only benefits them, but it gives them the chance to create further positive change in their communities. As graduates, they will be an enormous inspiration to children and younger students; the impacts of this are immeasurable and invaluable. The Center has a great potential to aid the Ghanaian economy for generations to come.

Hertiage Christian College currently has a main campus at Amasaman, and two study centers at Winneba and Koforidua. For more information about the school and enrollment, please click here.